2018 Big Sky Conference Cross Country Championship - Housing RFP

Big Sky Cross Country Championships Sacramento, CA
Event Date: Saturday October 27th, 2018

Stay Dates:
Thursday October 25th, 2018: 30 doubles - 5 kings (buffer date)
Friday October 26th, 2018: 110 doubles - 15 kings
Saturday October 27th, 2018: 10 doubles (buffer date)
*room numbers are based off the 2017 event pick up

Breakfast included in the rate
Complimentary meeting space
Complimentary room(s) for Big Sky Official(s)
Complimentary wi-fi
3 week flexible cut off date
Rates 10% commissionable to SelectHospitality IATA #13667065

RFP Due Date: Wednesday, Janurary 10th at 12:00pm PDT
We are sending this RFP to 9 hotels and are looking for the most competitive rates. We will most likely choose 2-3 hotels to host this program.

Please contact Madisyn Woltering with any questions, madisyn@selecthospitality.com or 208.475.4985 ex.14


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*Do you offer complimentary wifi?
*A complimentary room upgrade is required for the head coach, can you accommodate?
*Can you offer a complimentary meeting room throughout stay?
*Complimentary breakfast is required, can you accommodate this?
*Can you offer two complimentary rooms for Big Sky Officials?
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