Portland Pilots - Car Rental Help

Clicking on the "Car Reservations" link will redirect you to your online booking tool. The online booking tool is a secure site and will prompt you to log in to the booking portal. Your login credentials are automatically created to match your SelectHospitality username (member ID) and password. The company field should be populated with SelectHospitality.

Once logged into the booking portal, you will be able to make a car rental reservation just like any other online booking website. All discounts and university agreements are searched and included in the rental search results listed. All reservations are live.
*All reservations can be cancelled unless otherwise stated in the reservation.

To update your profile information in the booking tool, hover over the "profile" tab at the top of the page. You will be able to update contact information, membership numbers and travel preferences.

Please contact us with any questions 208.475.4985.