Learn the ins and outs of ShareSpace & Certify (*nuTravel)
► ShareSpace
ShareSpace is an online team travel portal where you can find all your team travel information and make team travel requests.
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► Certify (*formerly nuTravel)
Certify is an online booking tool that can be personalized for individual travel. It is a booking engine similar to any online booking website, but it stores your information for all travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies) to help streamline and manage reservations. You can search and book multiple airlines at one time, from one place. You can even search flights to/from PUW, LWS, & GEG in one single search to quickly find and compare the best options for your trips.
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*nuTravel, our online booking tool, is being rebranded to Certify. All login information and user functionalities will remain unchanged.

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