2017 Motorcoach Partners RFI

SelectHospitality is a full-service Travel Management Company that specializes in travel for collegiate athletics. We were founded in 2010 and are an IATAN & ARC accredited travel agency, with the goal of providing a personalized travel booking service for each of our clients. We coordinate/manage teams’ road schedules, and currently work with over 140 collegiate programs nationwide, managing all aspects of our clients’ travel programs.

With 347 division 1 American colleges and universities, each with an average of 16 athletic programs, we have the ability to coordinate over 1,000 days of charter service across the US. Through the use of direct mail, social media, telemarketing, email marketing, and attendance at various athletic trade shows, we will be able to bring our travel partner network to the attention of every division 1 athletic program across the nation.

To better serve both our clients, and travel partners, we are in the process of finding dedicated motorcoach companies to join our network. Joining our network will streamline communications between ourselves and our partners, allowing us to better communicate leads.

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SelectHospitality Partner Terms & Conditions
SelectHospitality is looking for qualified motorcoach vendors to act as partners for teams in need of motorcoach transportation. Anytime our clients need ground transportation in your area, you will receive an RFP (request for proposal) via email with the team's specifications. If awarded a RFP for a team trip, we will require a 10% commission on all actualized travel. This fee will be due after the trips completion and will be invoiced on a net 30 basis.
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