Hotel Partner Commission Payment Information

SelectHospitality Inc. will submit a commission invoice after check-out for each group stay and the hotel will have the opportunity to review the commission amount for accuracy. Should commission invoice not be accurate, hotel will notify SelectHospitality accounting department (via email, phone or fax) and have the invoice corrected to the actual room night pick-up that occurred for each stay, if needed. SelectHospitality Inc. may have the opportunity to review the group pickup report from property system or group invoice to confirm any adjusted pick-up. Variances will always be confirmed with the client that traveled. If changes need to be made on the invoice, the hotel must notify SelectHospitality Inc. in a reasonable amount of time and the invoice changes made and resubmitted to the hotel within 5 business days. In some cases, this may change the due date on the invoice to accommodate the discrepancy, but the due date will not change without consent from SelectHospitality Inc.

It is the responsibility of each hotel to process the commission due through the channel previously listed. If property uses TACS or ONYX for commission processing, it will be the responsibility of the hotel to have knowledge of what is required by the hotel to have these services process the commission. SelectHospitality Inc. may require a signed addendum that hotels understand the process that is used at the hotel.

SelectHospitality offers a NET 30 payment process, typically starting the Monday after the group checks out. Should the commission payment due go 30 days past due (60-66 days after group check-out) hotel partners adhere to paying the commission due either by property check, corporate check or credit card. Failure to pay commissions due may lead to, but not limited to, removal of hotel profile on this website, collection activity and legal action. We value each hotel partner on our site and can only operate a successful service if we are paid commissions due in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance.