SelectHospitality Inc.: 2018 IMG Conference

Team Travel Management
    About Us:
SelectHospitality specializes in collegiate athletic travel throughout the US and works with over 130 collegiate athletic programs, booking and coordinating all segments of travel. SelectHospitality acts as a single point of contact for teams to streamline their travel throughout the season.
    Our Travel Partners:

Our goal is to create lasing relationships with our travel partners. We aim to create partnerships with quality companies that will provide our teams with the best travel experiences.

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Contact Information
*IMG Company*Contact Name*Contact Email*City*State*Phone*Who is your lead staff member responding to RFPs?*Do other staff members respond to RFPs?If so, please list contact names:
Motor Coach Information:
*How many 52 - 56 motor coaches do you operate?*Bus Types: (Prevost, MCI etc.)*Are these coaches newer than 5 years?
Do the coaches have the following:
*Restrooms*Power Outlets*WiFi*Do you charge for WiFi?*Are your bus drivers employed by your company?
*Have you worked with Collegiate Athletics?If yes, name some teams you have worked with in the last 3 years:
*Can deposits be waived?*Can SelectHospitality establish the ability to invoice POST TRIP - Net 15?Comments*Do you charge a credit card processing fee?If so, what is the processing fee?